Types Of Hamster

Different Types of Hamsters

There are 5 types of hamsters. These are the golden or Syrian hamster, the Campbell dwarf hamster, the Russian dwarf, the Roborovksi hamster and the Chinese hamster.

Types of Hamsters

Golden / Syrian hamster

types of hamsters
Golden hamster

The size of a Syrian hamster is 12 to 16 cm and its weight between 140 and 200 grams. The average life of this variety is approximately 2 years. The teddy bear hamster is the long haired variety of the golden hamster, named for its striking resemblance to toy teddy bears. Syrian hamsters are solitary animals and should live alone, that is, one per cage. Golden hamsters can have red or black eyes; their scientific name is Mesocricetus auratus.

Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster

Campbell's Dwarf HamsterThese hamsters can live in groups if they meet from an early age (preferably housed with the same sex to avoid breeding). Campbell’s dwarf hamster is smaller than the Syrian hamster and its fur is brown. They are around 8 to 11 cm long and weight between 30 and 50 grams. All Campbell dwarf hamsters have a dorsal stripe. The scientific name of this hamster is Phodopus campbellii.

Russian dwarf hamster

Russian dwarf hamsterThe Russian dwarf hamster also loves to live in groups if they meet from an early age. Its fur is different during the change of climate. In winter, the hair of this hamster is white and in summer it is grayish. They have a dorsal strip on their back, they are around 7 to 10 cm long and weight between 21 to 26 grams. The scientific name of this hamster is Phodopus Phodopus.

Roborovsky hamster

Roborovsky hamsterRoborovski hamsters are also of the dwarf type and are the smallest of all varieties of hamsters. They are about 4 to 5.5 cm long and weight between 20 and 25 grams. They can live in groups together, with their same sex, if they meet from an early age. Its scientific name is Phodopus Roborovskii.

Chinese hamster

Chinese hamsterThe Chinese hamster is the most “rat” type of all hamsters, since the tail of this hamster is longer than the other hamsters. Chinese hamsters can live in pairs if they meet from an early age; but they can become extremely aggressive among themselves, so hosting Chinese hamsters alone may be the best option. The Chinese hamster is approximately 10 to 12 cm long, and its scientific name is Cricetulus Griseus. The Chinese hamster weight about 30 to 45 grams.

Finally its need to tell that, Though all of these are in the types of hamsters. Their habit, Foodstyle also Different one from them. So it is better to know About your type Perfectly. There are Some general and common facts of hamster as they all are in the same rodent category.


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