Teddy Bear Hamster

Teddy Bear Hamster | Long Haired Hamster Known as The Stuffed Bear Hamster

Teddy bear hamster is the long-haired hamster; better known as the stuffed bear hamster because of its stuffed look. It is a long-haired version of Syrian Hamster It is the most popular hamster. The longhaired males of the golden hamsters have a longer layer than the female hamsters and will show a more prominent mane of longer hair around the neck.

Know About The Teddy Bear Hamster

Teddy bear hamsters are good pets for busy people because they are generally healthy. They don’t need much space and maintenance requirements are low. There are some behavioral features of general bear hamster that you can look out for.


If it is Received Proper care the type of hamster can live 2-3 years. Sometimes they can live 5 Years in a very rare case. The hamster reaches adulthood when they are four months old.


The commercial hamster blend that contains several nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables keep your hamster healthy. Please avoid raw seeds, Potatoes as well as overfeeding.

Habitual Facts

One per cage

Teddy bear hamsters are solitary creatures and are very territorial. They do not like to share housing or food, so if two hamsters are placed in the same cage fight and hurt one another.


Hamsterific notes that a bored hamster will chew on the metal bars of his cage, which can eventually cause tooth and even brain damage. Hamsters to be supplied with wooden chews, toys or dog biscuits for chewing.


Hamsters are nocturnal, according to Petco. This means that you sleep during the day and you wake up after the sun goes down.


Hamsters have a tendency to bite if they are awakened from sleep or scared by their owner. Pet Websites suggest handling the animal in the afternoon when it is awake.


Teddy bear hamsters enjoy crawling through empty cans, boxes with more than one opening and plastic tubes.


The personal grooming of these hamsters needs to be carried out gently because their skin is very thin and can be damaged quite easily. Teddy Bear Hamster should have paper bedding instead of shavings since paper bedding is much less likely to get caught and entangled in the hamster’s hair. The hamster’s coat can be trimmed with a clean toothbrush.

Teddy Bear Hamster

Amazing facts about hamsters

The vision of the hamsters only reaches up to six inches in front of them.
They are color blind.
They can remember their relatives.
Hamsters can drink milk, as long as it is not sour.
Hamsters can not swim and do not need baths.

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