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 The Tamaskan dog is a type of sled dog, originating from Finland. A versatile dog, distinguished by greater dexterity, obedience, and well-proven in working trials. They inherited their ability to work in the harness from her ancestors, the Siberian Husky, and the Alaskan Malamute. By its morphology, the Tamaskan dog is a breed most similar to a wolf. 

NameTamaskan dog
Other names Tam, Tamaskan Husky
Country of origin Finland
LifespanFrom 14 to 15 years
Temperament Tolerant, Sociable, Intelligent, Obedient, Agile
Growth Females: 61–66 cm Males: 63–71 cm
Weight Females: 23–38 kg Males: 30–45 kg
Color Wolf-gray, red-gray, black-gray.

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Tamaskan Dog Short Description

The Tamaskan dog is a very good riding dog that was bred in Finland, but despite all the positive qualities of it, no cynological organization has so far recognized it. If you decide to buy a puppy of a Tamaskan dog, then be sure that you will get a great friend, loyal friend, and the employee who is very easy to raise. Thanks to its ancestors, this breed of dog has a fairly good performance in the harness. In the World, there are only 400 adults of this dog. Why it is considered very rare. The dog has a rather large constitution, it is somewhat higher than its relative, the German Shepherd. Very similar to gray wolves.

The Tamaskan dog is a riding breed characterized by a rather large and strong body covered with thick hair, most often gray in color, less often red-gray or black-gray, and also ears of rectangular shape and medium size. Such dogs live for about 15 years, depending on the conditions of their detention. High intelligence, devotion to the owner and obedience – these qualities best of all describe such dogs. This dog will become an indispensable friend for your child, and it doesn’t have any problems with other breeds of dogs, they get along well even with the smallest dogs. You can buy a Tamaskan dog only in kennels in Finland. The price for it is not announced and it will definitely not be possible to assert.

Breed History

The Tamaskan dog is considered to be a rather young breed of sled dogs. They were bred at the end of the twentieth century in kennels in Finland by crossing other breeds of sled dogs. A little later, they began to additionally cross with other dogs, a list of breeds which reaches several dozen. The task of such a crossing was the conclusion of an efficient, hardy dog similar to a wolf.

Already in 2006, the breed was brought all over the world and it began to actively breed, but still belongs to rare dogs. The dog is quite multi-tasking, it can be a worker, an excellent family man or a representative of exhibitions of noble breeds.

Breed Description

Tamaskan is considered a large and athletic dog. Tamaskan can be mistaken as a gray wolf. Their body has smooth features. Chest stands out. The head is average, the muzzle is slightly elongated and slightly narrowed to the nose. The eyes are small, almond-shaped. The shade of the eye is of all colors yellow and brown. Look smart, quick-witted. Ears are average, stand up.

The limbs are strong, of medium length, the muscles are well developed. The coat is dense, very thick, as the Tamaskan can survive on the northern climate. Coloring wool is varied. The most common is agouti, wolf coloring and various variations of gray-red, dark gray or white with a gray tint. The tail is long, covered with hair. The height of an adult individual at the withers is 63-71 cm in males, 61-66 cm in females. The adult dog weighs 30-45 kg, the female – 23-38 kg.

Health and Disease

Let’s now consider the most common diseases that can befall your pet. Below is a list of diseases that Tamascan dogs suffer in our region:

  • eye diseases;
  • ear infections;
  • gastric twisting;
  • epilepsy;
  • deafness;
  • cryptorchidism;
  • hip dysplasia (CHD).

Maintenance and Care

If you plan to buy a puppy of a Tamaskan dog and keep it in an apartment, then this is not the best idea. This breed needs fresh air, freedom of movement and personal space. The dog loves to run, it just needs to do it, otherwise, muscular failure will develop and a chain of diseases will follow.

This dog does not require special care, but you still have to spend time on it. It is necessary to comb the wool at least once a week, sometimes it is necessary to cut the claws and pay attention to the cleanliness of the ears, clean the dirt from them, at the first opportunity and keep the eyes clean.

Character and Temperament

These pets are very fond of people and they are quite patient. The dog is quite docile, sociable and has a high intelligence, making it easy to train. But not only training is affected for high intelligence, in work and sports competitions it gives a huge advantage.

They do not notice the manifestation of aggression, they are all set to positive. There are no problems with cats and other breeds of dogs, both big and small. It is best to start such a pet if you live in a private house or in an open area of the land, such as a farm. It only rejoices daily work and almost never get tired.


Very often these dogs have problems with the stomach, due to malnutrition, so you need to be very careful when feeding your pet and devote the lion’s share of time to this process. It is necessary to refuse flatly from fried, smoked and the more fatty foods.

It is best to give the dog beef, and they perfectly digest it both raw and cooked. Also, the excellent feed can make poultry meat and fish. Dry food of high quality can be added to food to diversify it, but do not get involved much.


The Tamaskan dog is an excellent breed of dogs, it is very flexible, learns well and trusts its owner. To train it is quite simple, but in some cases, the dog may be stubborn and the owner will have to dominate. The main thing to instill in the dog is the understanding that you are the leader from a very early age. In this case, it will be able to handle any work and it can quickly learn any commands.

But do not forget that the mandatory indicator is full confidence and respect for the owner. You will also need to show perseverance, patience, and at the right moments affection and kindness. It is best to train your dog with incentive methods and often repeat tasks alone. The Tamaskan dog is great for obedience competitions, obstacle races and in harness.

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