General Information about hamster

General Information About Hamsters

Undoubtedly hamster is Good pet. And who doesn’t want their hamsters would be healthy and happy! So I believe it is mandatory to know about your hamsters to keep them better. There are given some general information about Hamster –

The basic diet of a hamster

The basic concepts of the hamster diet should consist of a mixture of grains, seeds, and nuts. Although you can mix your own food, it would be advisable to buy a good quality hamster food mix.

Please remember that if you buy food for hamster and this has too many sunflower seeds, this will make your hamster obese.

Your hamster only eats two tablespoons of food a day. It may seem little, but that is all they can eat, and most of it goes to accumulation.

Cleaning can cause stressed

As a pet, the little hamster remembers all the objects that were inside its cage and, of course, its smell. If suddenly, there are different scents, the hamster acts uncomfortable and stressed. This does not mean that the cage of a hamster should not be cleaned. It only means that when you clean the cage you should try not to use perfumed liquid detergent and you should try to put everything as you found it before.


As careful as you are and take care of your hamster, he can start to get sick and have injuries. Remember to check your hamster regularly for any signs of illness (ideally when you take it out of its cage to hold it, give it a quick inspection by checking your eyes, nose, etc.) Check your hamster at least once a week. Also, check if your teeth are too big.

Sand bath

A hamster can enjoy a plate of Chinchilla sand, which can be purchased at the pet store. This sand is specially designed to help maintain the fur of the hamsters. But do not worry or bother if your hamster does not use the sand bath since each hamster differs from the other. Golden hamsters rarely use the sand bath.

Hamster urinals

You are wondering! Hamster urinals? Well, hamsters are usually very clean animals and will adopt a separate area of their cage as a bathroom. You can do the task of cleaning the cage even simpler, giving your hamster a bath. You can make one yourself or buy one at the pet store.

Toys for your hamster

Hamster toys include swings, miniature houses, with doors and windows in which the hamster can climb and exit. Hamsters also love to climb and go through tunnels. All you have to do is take a roll of toilet paper and place it in its cage.

Hamster wheels

Please keep in mind that when you are going to buy a wheel for your hamster, do not buy it with gaps, because the hamster can jam a foot and break it. Preferably buy a solid wheel and without any space.


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