Cat Claw Covers

Cat Claw Covers – How to Care for Cat Claws

How to relieved easily from cat claws and nail attack and stop scrapping valuable furniture? This question severally I heard from Some of my relatives, friends and some others people! Now I am telling everything about the Cat Claw Covers. Also, discuss its advantages and disadvantages, what should we have to do. So, read the full article with attentively.

The cats have a highly effective weapon, which are their sharp claws, powerful nails and curved down. The felines support themselves and walk on all the extension of the claws, which carry the full weight of the body. Cat nail caps or known as cat claw covers prevent is the most popular and important for cat lovers.

If you have cats at home, you are familiar with the scratches of their claws on your carpet, rugs, and furniture. If this is becoming a problem, you can find a way to cover the claws. Is the declawing comfortable for cats? what can we do? Read details in below-

Cat Claw Covers – How to Care for Cat Claws

Care for Cat Claws

The cat’s claw is the crucial part to the development of a healthy cat. Cat claws need well cared to lead a happy and active life. Using the claw the cat remove the dirt accumulated in their coat. Many may think, it is not an attitude which necessarily presents. But at this time the cat’s claw starts to have aged hoods. And scratching is one of the measures the cat takes to get rid of that old cover.

Looking for Vet Clinic?

In addition to these aged covers, the nail of cats can irritate the animal when it becomes too large. The nails of the cats also serve as a form of protection and defense against threats and attacks, as well as being a great way for them to calm down and reduce stress levels. Everybody knows the feline types animal like cats have claws and nails. And the cat uses it for making scratches including furniture, walls and curtains, among others.

Looking for Vet Clinic

Now, I tell you some special tips to lessen the number of scratches of your pet cat and how to take care of your their nails in the best way. And you can contribute to the cat’s healthy life and free of hassles in function of the nails.

How to care for cat nails

As explained above, the cat nail has many functions in the life of a feline. Cat nails always need well cared for and trimmed correctly. Just like the nails of the people, those of the cats never stop growing. Because of the irritation that can cause the pet, it is crucial the owners stay tuned to identify the time to trim them. And this type of procedure must be done Very carefully not to injure the animal.

Because they are very exquisite, when cut the nails of the felines in the wrong way can cause much pain. Besides, a kind of mutilation in the region. As like people’s fingernails, the claws of the cats are completely exposed on their paw and emphasizing great proximity to the bones, are full of nerves and vases. And it’s injured can cause a lot of discomfort in the pet.

The keratin layer that covers the nail of the cat should be the only part to be cut or trimmed. It is necessary to be very careful when performing this task because the dermis (known as the cob, where the nerve endings in the jaws) positioned is very close to the surface of the nail. And it can be affected by procedures made by people without experience.

In those white nails, the identification of the portion to be trimmed is quite easy. Since it is possible to see the red color of the blood vessels that pass within it and should need preserving. However, other colors prevent this boundary line from being easily identified. If you have any doubt, the best thing to do is to take your pet cat to a pet shop. So that, the nail clipping is done correctly to avoiding the risks of ending up hurting your pet without intention.

If the preference is to trim the cat’s nails indoors, a visit to the vet may present itself as a good option. How to perform the process in the best way and with all the necessary security. For those who opt for the cutting of the claws at home, it is essential that the specific accessories for this type of work are acquired. Such as earwigs and own cutters for cat nails, which can found in pet shops.

As the claws of the felines are “retractable,” there may be difficulty in performing the process on the part of the less skilled. However, by making a slight pressure on the animal’s paw, its fingernails become more prominent and visible, facilitating the cut. It needs always to be done carefully to avoid hurting the inner part.

For your kitten’s fingernails to be trimmed whenever necessary, it is essential to accustom your pet. In the process since cub, and to show him that touching his paws or other more delicate and sensitive regions poses no threat. Just as in the case of baths and the hygiene of ears, cats tend to be much calmer during the action when they know it from puppies. And perform all the essential care of their health since the first months of life is the guarantee of a tranquil feline and in Aggressive in procedures like these.

Even accustomed to the situation, cats continue to be active animals and feel uncomfortable because they have to spend a lot of time. Therefore, it indicated that the process of trimming your fingernails is done in parts, cutting one or two at a time and letting you play a little before resuming the operation.

Fake Nails for Cats

Nowadays the fake nails method is quite used to avoid the constant scratches of felines. It is the adoption process of fake nails for cats. Although the idea may seem somewhat misleading at first; the lining of the claws can bring outstanding results for those who suffer from a kitten that scratches too much.

Fake Nails for Cats

Made from materials such as rubber, gel and silicone, the fake nails for cats can be found easily in the most modern pet shops. And in addition to protecting their claws, also protects the furniture of the house. The highest care concerning this type of accessory should be at the time of application. It should be done with calm and attention to prevent the adhesive product from contacting other areas besides the fingernail itself.

Regardless of the type of fake claw, you decide to apply to your pet. The feline’s fingernails will continue to grow every day and when very large. Cause the same nuisance that the cat feels without that kind of coverage; Which reinforces the need to trim nails from time to time in the same way.

The variety of colors is already excellent in the market for cat fake nails. It is not difficult to leave your pussycat with a “manicure” first. This accessory is not always very well accepted by the animals and therefore can not ever see as the ideal solution.


Most of the pet owners taken as an indispensable accessory, scratchers are a great request to help your pet relax and naturally trim your nails. As with other products, cats do not always adapt well with the item and, in these cases, it is up to the owner of the feline to investigate different types of objects that he can destroy while “sandpaper” the claws.

Cat Scratching

In addition to serving as a relaxation tool for the Pussycats, scratches are valid when teaching specific rules for the pet. In the same way that felines learn what the right places to do their needs are, they can also assimilate what is the correct item to scratch if the owner has a little patience.

Rubbing some of the catnip (the cat herb) on the scratcher can be a good idea to lure you to the right place. And with that in mind, it is critical that the item has an area determined to stay inside the house. Catnip is allowed to play and scratch only in this Loc Al.

Most of the people used the catnip is wide with a copy available. The scratchers wear out with absolute ease, accumulating dirt and smells. The Cats end up losing interest in the accessory and, to prevent them from re-attacking the furniture of the house, it will change every time the feline passes to ignore it, ensuring the relief of its stress and the realization of its natural activities of care with The claws.

Cat Claw Covers Types:

Cat Claw Covers Types

Soft Paws

Another brand of cat’s claw covers is soft claws. The product is very similar to soft legs that include vinyl lids and adhesive in the kits. One of the benefits of buying this particular brand is that it is more readily available at local pet stores; however, you will currently run about $ 20 for a kit. There are a variety of sizes (kittens and adult cats), and colors need to choose. Another brand of cat’s claw covers is soft claws. The product is very similar to soft legs that include vinyl lids and adhesive in the kits. One of the benefits of buying this particular brand is that it is more readily available at local pet stores; however, you will currently run about $ 20 for a kit. There are a variety of sizes (kittens and adult cats), and colors need to choose.

Soft Claws

Another brand of cat’s claw covers is soft claws. The product is very similar to soft legs that includes vinyl lids and adhesive in the kits. One of the benefits to buying this particular brand is that it is more easily available at local pet stores; however, you will currently run about $ 20 for a kit. There are a variety of sizes (kittens and adult cats) and colors to choose from.

Disadvantages of Declawing

Apart from using covers for your cat’s claws, you may decide to have your cat declawed, but the drawbacks may be greater than the benefits. Cats are hunters by nature and use their claws to hunt food, as well as defend themselves from predators. They also use their claws to groom themselves, which help keep their coats smooth and clean. You have a cat that occasionally goes outdoors, you will not be able to climb trees as you were able to when you had the claws. Many cats also show a behavioral difference by following the declawing procedure, which is something to keep in mind.

Alternatives to claw covers

Alternatives to using claw vinyl covers, try other methods of getting your cat to stop scratching your furniture, clothes and shoes. Train your cat not to scratch these things. The best way to start training is to provide enough scraped posts scattered around the house as an alternative to furniture. When playing with your cat, never use your hands or fingers; instead, he plays with one of his toys. Keep the claws cut to avoid scratches on your upholstery and curtains. You can also choose movable materials that many cats do not like to scratch, such as leather or vinyl means cat claw covers.



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