bearded dragons habitat

Bearded dragons habitat

The bearded dragons are diurnal, omnivorous and curious reptiles. They are characterized by having a large triangular head, strong limbs, and a long tail. They have an intriguing appearance and are not very demanding emotionally. In addition, you can find reptiles with a variety of striking colors that can change to help them regulate their temperature and express their mood.

Adult males can reach 60 cm in length, which makes it necessary that you provide them with enough space so they can live comfortably and avoid the obesity that usually occurs in adults. If you had more than one reptile, you should make sure that each one has an area that they can consider as their own. In juvenile specimens, it is best to keep them separate to avoid being confused with food, but if enough space and food are available in abundance, there is no problem in keeping a small group of the bearded dragons.

The bearded dragons are animals that like to investigate. The appropriate size for an adult bearded dragon habitat will be 90x30x40cm minimum. These dimensions will vary depending on the number of reptiles you have.

Another important factor for these animals is the decoration of their habitat. These must recreate a savanna or desert since the substrate in its natural environment is sand. It is recommended that these pets have hiding places to avoid stress, resting areas, and areas where they can exercise. You must also provide them with some branch or rock so they can sunbathe.

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